What We Do

Our Community outreach or Mission program is built on a biblical perspective with an emphasis on relationship and disciple-making.

Buwooya Mission School

The Buwooya Mission School is a community primary school that exists to equip the children of Uganda with the tools of learning to enable attain academic excellence, servant leadership, and nurturing relationships.

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Our Child sponsorship program exists to connect individuals with vulnerable children to experience the love of Christ.

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Medical outreach

Mission Trips Uganda aims at Providing quality medical care to the impoverished people of Uganda.

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Mission Trips Uganda believes education is the key to changing a child’s life from a life of poverty to a life of possibilities

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Mission Trips Uganda believes in meeting the spiritual and emotional needs of the children and youth

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Vocational Training

Through academic education, healthy living, vocational training, community development and spiritual discipleship Mission Trips Uganda is reaching out to tomorrow’s leaders.

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Although Uganda has seen a lot of urbanization in the past few years, the majority of Ugandans are still subsistence farmers — working tirelessly to provide enough to feed their families.

The Challenges

Uganda's two rainy seasons and plentiful sunshine should mean that families have the ability to grow plenty of food to sustain them throughout the year. Unfortunately, poor farming practices and loss of motivation has left many fields in poor condition, and families who struggle to find enough to eat.

Farming God's Way

The Mission Trips Uganda Farming Outreach was started In an effort to continually improve our programs and help the families we work with become more self-reliant, A need was observed to assist parents and guardians of children in our school and Program to become better equipped in caring for their families. Since our Mission Outreaches operate in a rural areas, the majority of our families are subsistence farmers. Farming God’s Way addresses the problems our families are facing by addressing the spiritual aspects of poverty while giving them sustainable and profitable methods for farming.

Farming God’s Way is not an organization, but rather a resource to teach improved and sustainable conservation agriculture methods to local farmers, based on biblical principles in Uganda.

From Farm to Market

The last piece of the puzzle for subsistence farmers in Uganda is getting a fair price for their products. The majority of farmers have no means to store maize (corn) for an extended period, and is therefore subject to the price of the crop at harvest, which is the lowest price for the year. Although Farming God’s Way will increase our farmers’ yields, we want to ensure they can get a fair price for their work. MISSION TRIPS UGANDA is in the process of constructing a warehouse where we shall buy maize and beans from farmers at a price reflecting what the product is actually worth.

Our families can feel good about increased yields, a fair paycheck for their work, and know that their crops are feeding their community.