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The harsh reality is that many women in Africa especially Uganda, have been left to bear the brunt of war, poverty and disease. Millions of our sisters have been abandoned and robbed of all dignity. Uneducated and unemployable, they are left to suffer alone. .

But together, Mission Trips Uganda is changing this by providing adult literacy classes, discipleship, business skills training and job opportunities. As we embrace these women with God’s love, they find hope and purpose


At Mission Trips Uganda, we come alongside vulnerable women in our communities and partner with them to find practical, sustainable solutions to meet their key needs. Part of this includes training them in adult literacy, various vocational courses, business classes and job opportunities necessary to earn a living.

By helping these women develop and grow their life skills, not only are we equipping them to be able to provide for their families, but we are also restoring their dignity. We passionately believe that when a woman is empowered, she can reach her full potential and her whole family is transformed.



When a woman is vulnerable she needs to feel loved, accepted and cared for physically. So, we extend a “practical embrace” as the first step in the journey of her restoration. It’s this tangible act of love that breaks barriers of mistrust, renews hope and stirs up her faith as we help improve her quality of life and assist her with the basic essential items she lacks.

We provide women with an “Embrace Her Packages” that includes items like: a mattress, blanket, cooking saucepans, utensils, a charcoal stove, and a bucket for cleaning and hygiene purposes, along with basic pantry items. We also provide emergency relief support for medical, housing and food to some of the women when life’s challenges arise and they can no longer afford these necessities. This additional help is provided for a short period of time as we work with the mothers in our local communities to achieve a more sustainable solution.



Once our community Mothers complete their training and have gained the necessary skills to earn a decent living, we provide start-up capital and mentorship to help them set up a small business.

By walking alongside the women in our communities after they’ve graduated, we create sustainable solutions for them to take care of their families. The women are also encouraged to reach out into their communities, using what they’ve learned to help equip other women with vocational skills.

We’ve seen the powerful impact of this approach, as some of our community mothers have replicated in their own neighbourhoods what they’ve learned from us. We are so proud of the leaders they’re becoming as they embrace and train other women on their journey.