The Dream Village Location

Mission Trips Uganda was able to purchase 10 acres of ideal land for the Dream Village in Kyegegwa-Kyaka about 191.5 km west of Kampala capital city. The Dream Village land is located in a very safe and fertile region of Uganda. The private landowner was willing to sell this land in smaller parcels as our fundraising allows. Our goal is to have up to 50 acres of land and this will be a home for over 300 Orphaned Children, abandoned, vulnerable children and the women at risk. With the assistance of local reputable architects and planners, a new self-sustaining village is underway!

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The Dream Village Design

We have already identified a reputable architect firm that is going to design sustainable dwellings. The dwellings will be arranged in a family styled homes that will accommodate 8 children and a mother/caretaker. These transitional homes will be all self-contained with a lounge, bedrooms for privacy, and a central courtyard, a kitchen, laundry, and bath facilities and courtyard etc. There will also be hand-drilled wells and a sand filtration system set up for a source of potable water.

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The Dream Village will have a non-denominational church, a community center, schools (primary, secondary, and vocational), a health center, medical center and recreational facilities. There will be dedicated areas for crops and extensive fruit trees planted throughout the village. We will also populate the land with livestock of chickens, goats, pigs, and cattle. Mission Trips Uganda will oversee the Dream Village construction and ultimately control the access and rules within the village. The Dream Village design and oversight will provide these children and women with a self-sustainable village that will endure for generations to come.

Project Cost Estimates

This project is estimated to cost between $1.5 to 2 million (US dollars). Which includes the purchase of more land, materials, and construction costs. While we acknowledge that this is a substantial amount of funding needed, we also humbly recognize that it is quite amazing that a project of this magnitude can be accomplished at such a relatively small cost.

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We seek donation support of any size, one time or ongoing, from churches, individuals, corporations, or organizations. There is also an active and ongoing need for volunteer support on site in Uganda to help with the village construction.

In order to progress to the first major phase of construction, we have created a goal of raising $500,000 over the next few months to accomplish the following:

- Purchase of the next 20 acres of land adjacent to our current land ($60, 000)

- Installation of 2 large well for utility and drinking water (priced at $10,000 each)

- Infrastructure development (roads, land preparation, water diversion, fencing), legal permits, civil engineering, and construction company costs ($220,000)

-Construction of Sanyu Home Guest-House for our Mission base ($70,000)

-Construction of a transitional home (priced at $4, 5000)

- Building of a multi-purpose facility for a non-denominational church and community center ($40,000)

-Creation of an education system by constructing the initial primary school building ($4, 5000)

-Purchase of additional crops and livestock (as funding allows)

Once funding allows, we have reputable contractors ready to supervise and construct the projects, ensuring a quality final product that will endure generations. When the first stage of construction is complete, we will proceed with the purchase of the final 20 acres of adjacent land to make it 50 acres and the construction of several family-style transitional homes, the secondary schools, life-skills center additional school buildings, a medical clinic, and a craft shop etc. Completion of the Dream Village is expected to take 4-5 years. We expect the overall price of the completed project to be between $1.5 to $ 2 million USD.

It is amazing what even small donations do to help this project. We are dedicated to using your donations efficiently, respectfully, and for programs for the construction of this village. Please consider joining our cause…..

Whose Story Will You Change?

Your support is appreciated and Mission Trips Uganda is honoured and thrilled about your interest in partnering with us on our journey to raise the next generation of African Leaders.

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The dream Village will be a safe-haven for many Orphaned, Vulnerable Children and women at risk who have been living to survive. The village will reflect a familiar traditional dwelling for people in Uganda and provide programs to allow people to learn ways to care for their family, create innovative businesses, and provide nutritious food for their families.

Uganda’s greatest resource is her Children and women. They are waiting to be empowered!

The Dream Village will exist to bring confidence and self-sustainability to the Orphaned Children, vulnerable Children and help mothers to empower their Children in Uganda!

We have witnessed a huge need for temporary housing that offers vulnerable women, children and orphans an opportunity to receive help in order to better their lives and future. Transitional homes – Will also provide a safe environment, off the streets, where they can be sexually exploited, prone to abuse, and/or often starved.

Over 50% of widows in Uganda are illiterate and 61% make less than 5,000 Ugandan Shillings a week (approximately $2 dollars) to survive. The vast majority of widowed or abandoned women have no way of sending their children to school. They have no property and are living to survive!

The Dream Village will help those living in village with the chance to learn life-skills and receive an education that will allow them to go back into their community, find work, and make a new life for themselves.

In addition, we will provide education to the children who are in need of an education through Mission Trips Uganda Education for the next generation sponsorship program an opportunity to chance the course of their life.

Community Development

Did You Know The Dream Village Will Provide The Community And Neighbors Sustainable Living?

The Dream Village’s sustainability efforts are a critical part of its development strategy. At The Dream Village we will have permaculture training, grow produce, and provide other food resources, which can be sold to the local markets and help the families within the community.

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Education for Vulnerable Children in Kyegegwa-Kyaka

The Dream Village aims to provide not only a top-notch education by village standards but by national standards. We will equip and train the local teachers in different teaching methods through our international teacher exchange volunteer program.

Mission trips uganda, Dream Village Short-term  trips to Uganda,volunteers, orphans

We have plans to build an elementary school on The Dream village as well! The school will provide education for community children who could otherwise not afford it, exposing them to the gospel and curbing generational cycles of poverty. As a long-term goal, we also want to start a secondary school in addition to the elementary school. The nearest secondary school for the children in Kyegegwa is over 2 hours walk.

The secondary school costs and distance can discourage students and many opt. Additionally, we plan to build dormitories to house children living in unsuitable home environments so they can be encouraged and given a place to focus on their studies. Giving students an opportunity to attend such a school will bring their mind set out of a life of poverty and give them confidence in knowing they can succeed in life. If you wish to learn more, check out our campaign page.

Medical Outreach

We also have plans to build Suubi Medical Clinic at The Dream Village, and provide medical care year round. At Suubi Medical Clinic,we will seek to not only provide medical care but health education for the community.

The clinic will have a special section dedicated to focusing on pre-natal care, family planning, and children’s health and development so we can give these children the very best start in life. We will also soon have the ability to give vaccines!

This major development will help protect children and adults against preventable disease and their spread.

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Life Skills Training

We also have plans to build a life skills center will have computers, kitchen and catering equipment, sewing machines, carpentry and construction tools, modern farming equipment, and video and photography equipment. In-depth training sessions will be offered in all areas in order to increase the students’ opportunities in the job market, as well as helping them create their own businesses.

Although these training sessions will give our students an advantage over other college graduates, it will not change the current job market. We intend to start an in-depth entrepreneurship course aimed at training a few select students who exhibit the dedication, skills, and knowledge to start their own mass-product businesses, selling to thousands and, in turn, employing thousands. Students on this course will become job creators with the intention of adding to the economic development of their entire country.

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Since the Vision for our The Mission Church is to make Jesus famous by spreading His love, reach people, build lives and make Disciples. We are planning to start a Mission Church at The Dream Village to grow and disciple not only children, but also the young people and adults of the community in the word of God. Transformation through breaking the cycle of poverty often starts from the inside out. As church members follow God’s word faithfully, live lives of honesty and integrity, and reach out to the lost to transform their community and country, it is our hope that they will see God at work in all aspects of their lives.

The village will also have The Dream Gift Shop which will sell products the Children and women create in the life-skills center! Each person will be able to put to practice the knowledge they are acquiring to manage and create a living for themselves and their families once they transition out of The Dream Village.

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Ways you can help The Dream Village!

Build Sanyu Home Guest House

A place where God inspires you.....

Mission trips uganda, Dream Village Short-term  trips to Uganda,volunteers, orphans Mission trips uganda, Dream Village Short-term  trips to Uganda,volunteers, orphans

Sanyu Home will serve many purposes for Mission Trips Uganda – It will be a Contemporary Traditional Style House. And it will be our mission’s base and guesthouse , the residence for our Volunteer Coordinator, Mission Trips Uganda Social workers, mission teams and volunteers from all over the world.This home costs $70,000 USD fully furnished

Whether you are visiting Uganda with the purpose to host a medical missions trip, traveling for business, bringing a missions team from you school or church, Camping, Christian retreats, holidays, conferences, Volunteering or doing a safari – we would love to have you stay with us.

We shall be able to employ many of local Ugandan families through our Sanyu Home Guest House like on-site chefs who will be helping to prepare your meals and also oversee any special dietary requests, the cleaners/Home keepers will make sure the home is always clean and ready for your arrival. We shall also employ grounds-keepers and day/night security guards who will make sure the home is safe and secure for you.

Because of the wonderful Mission Teams and Volunteers who will be staying at the guesthouse, we will able to provide jobs for the local people and allow them to provide for their children and families.

Sanyu Home will be a large Guest Home, fully furnished.

Amenities will Include :

Free Wireless Internet

Utilities – Gas, Water, and 100KWh of electricity.

24 hour gatekeeper/Security guard

Unlimited HD cable TV access

Breakfast, lunch and dinner

Family/kid friendly


Free Parking for residents and visitors

Cozy lounges

Fireplace lounge

Beautiful landscaping


Swimming pool

Basket Ball Court

Tennis Court

Build A Transitional Home

We have witnessed a huge need for temporary housing that offers a safe-haven for those needing assistance. Each home costs $ 45000 USD. Fully furnished with power and water.

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Build a well for the village

Clean water can improve health, shorten the time spent finding water, and help define and create a strong community. We need 2 water wells. This project costs $10,000 USD each. Fully installed.

Mission trips uganda, Dream Village Short-term  trips to Uganda,volunteers, orphans

Sponsor A Child’s Education

For $25 per month, you’ll help a child living or impacted by The Dream Village receive a quality education; helping them stand tall, have hope and have a brighter future!

Mission trips uganda, Dream Village Short-term  trips to Uganda,volunteers, orphans

Education For A next Generation Sponsor…

100% of your $25 goes toward the education of your child. That includes school lunches, uniforms, supplies and more. 100%. How is that possible? We have donors who are so committed to the mission of Mission Trips Uganda; they give towards building projects & other operating costs.

You’re not just sending money; you’re providing a child an opportunity to receive a quality education! By writing letters to your child, you can follow their journey, learn about their dreams, and share your own.

A child’s profile will be sent to you one – two weeks after you have signed-up to sponsor a child through our Education For A Next Generation sponsorship program. In addition, you will receive next steps and a calendar of information to learn how you can grow a relationship with the child you are helping send to school!

Help Plant A Tree

Fruit trees and other plants help to increase access to sustainable nutrition, provide income for families in poverty, and help clean the environment. Purchase a tree today! A fully matured tree costs approximately $30 USD.

Mission trips uganda, Dream Village Short-term  trips to Uganda,volunteers, orphans

Help Support the Dream Village!

By sponsoring a project through Mission Trips Uganda, you are helping a forgotten community have a chance at a new life by: learning a new life-skill or trade, receive an education, find a job, and/or have a home to get back on their feet again. Every project makes a difference! Thank you for joining us and making a difference at The Dream Village.

We Are On A Mission To Empower the people of Uganda Out Of Poverty for Good!

Walk alongside Mission Trips Uganda as we help reach the people of Uganda and hurting villages in Uganda, Africa, by supporting their spiritual needs, education, medical needs and giving them a life full of meaning.

Become a partner with a mission to care for the orphans, the vulnerable children and the women at risk in Uganda.

In order to continue our ongoing efforts to care for orphans, we need your help and support. We are always looking for Mission teams, churches, organizations, individuals and companies like you to help us make this possible.You can mke a difference;Donate Now